I Loathe Owners Who Don’t Control Their Dogs

As I walk around Pico-Robertson, I often encounter owners letting their dogs run free off a leash, even though this is against the law.

I dig how they will tell you, “Oh, he’s friendly.”

The dog is often getting in my way or charging at me or tripping me up and the owner takes no responsibility.

On other streets, the dogs inside a yard come rushing up to the fence and barking and howling every time somebody walks by. I’ve come to avoid those streets. Even though the dogs have yet to jump the fence and bite someone, who wants to be screeched at by some frantic animals when you’re out for a nice quiet walk?

Devi writes: As I was fumbling for my key, I freaked out as I noticed a vicious-looking dog lunging away from his black owner, who was struggling to hold on. As he walked away, I overheard him say to his friends, “You don’t think that was racist?” I guess if I told him he’s an idiot, he’d say that was racist-I mean there can’t possibly be another explanation.

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