Carmody & Co. Excellence and Beauty

As many of you may already know, I love a place that combines good deals with great merchandise. Not an easy feat, considering most stores compromise one or both of the two, while placing no premium on service. None. And yet, there is an oasis for shoppers who want a store that embodies all the wonderful principles of a seemingly bygone era: professional staff, great merchandise, discretion and loyalty. The latter is virtually extinct in our world of big box retailers and clueless salespeople. All the more reason for me to return to Carmody & Co. (www.carmodynco.comat 121 East Union Street in Pasadena, 626-795-2924.

Carmody & Co. is a top notch gift and paper goods store, an inviting boutique that I have visited and strongly recommend. Right now, the store has excellent invitations for all those end of summer events, BBQs and pool parties, while also carrying an incredible array of USC and UCLA (Trojan and Bruin fans, rejoice: Carmody has everything you need) entertainment accessories: beverage totes, cups, flip-flops, plates and tailgate invitations. The store additionally carries superb back-to-school stuff, from file folders, pencil cases, papers pads and more. Carmody & Co. rocks!

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