When You Watched News Coverage Of Hurricane Irene, You Realized How Secondary FEMA Is

Bill Kristol made this point on Fox News this afternoon. State and local government have the primary response to disasters.

I suppose FEMA was particularly needed in New Orleans because so many people there were sucking on the welfare teat and had gotten used to having the government take care of them. They were feeble when it came to take care of themselves. State and local government in Louisiana was incompetent and corrupt and inadequate to the situation.

I contrast this with the fires in San Diego a few years ago when people banded together and largely took care of themselves.

Did you feel reassured on Saturday when President Obama flew back from Martha’s Vineyard to take control at FEMA headquarters. Hurricane Irene was milder than Katrina. Must be to Obama’s credit!

What extraordinary intellectual powers was Obama applying when he sat at the FEMA desk, asks Charles Krauthammer.

In Obama’s campaign, he promised to slow the rise of the oceans.

Dennis Prager: It shocks me that Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Cuomo were proud of what they did. Has the New York subway ever been shut down? They closed the bridges and tunnels.

“If the left believes it, I assume it is hysterical.”

Dennis Prager’s deadline for his new book on America is four days away.

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