Will Rick Perry Beat Obama?

Joe* emails: Rick Perry is the nominee for a few simple reasons:

1. Money. He can raise it. The rest, excluding perhaps Romney, Bachmann and Palin, have no money.

2. Coalition. He is the only candidate who can attract votes from all wings of the republican party. He can get some portion of the country clubbers, intelligentsia, moderates, tea party, neocons, paleocons, conservatives. Romney will never win a GOP primary. No conservative will ever vote for him. Bachmann cannot gain the approval of the regular republicans. Palin cannot get credibility from the intelligentsia. Perry wins much the same reason Obama won – Hillary lost the black vote, you cannot afford to lose any part of the nominating base if you want the nomination.

Against Obama, all Perry needs to do is get the Bush states, and the key is Florida and Ohio. Marco Rubio would get him florida, and so long as unemployment is over 8% he gets Ohio.

What is pathetic is that unless Perry nominates a Palin type as Veep, he probably loses the popular vote. Thank god for the electoral college.

Michelle Bachmann is a one issue candidate. Namely, get rid of this colonial Marxist muslim in the white house. It is not enough, even in a primary. People know that she is a cartoon character.

Perry is also a cartoon character, but he has a record in texas that is the perfect template – harsh treatment of the poor and the other members of the free s*** army, and a swagger that makes Obama look like a pussy.

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