Minority Journalists Can’t Stop Themselves From Applausing Barack Obama

Here’s the report.

Dennis Prager says July 31: "I am opposed to these [race-based] organizations’ existence. Once you are a black journalist rather than a journalist, it changes the nature of your journalism. If you are a Jewish journalist, then it changes the nature of your journalism. I don’t know if there is a Jewish journalist association unless if is forJewish journals. For black journals, fine.

"If you are a journalist for the mainstream media, you shouldn’t be part of an organization that narrows your identity as a journalist."

"What is the difference between a journalist in the black journalist association and a journalist not in the organization and they are both reporting on an Obama press conference?"

"Journalism has to be as neutral as possible or it is opinion. I wouldn’t mind if it was opinion. An association of black columnists, fine."

"And we accept this as a norm in American life. It is a tearing down of the notion of an American. And they act like they are for unity. The name of the group is Unity ’08. We believe in Unity but we belong to journalist associations that disunite journalists."

"I would have no problem if every journalist who is a member of one of these associations (all on the Left) mentioned it in every article so we would know where they were coming from."

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