Like Mother, Like Son

I email documentary director Yael Katzir ("Praying in Her Own Voice"):

What are the major similarities and differences between your filmmaking technique and Dan‘s?

Do you have a favorite movie of his?

In which direction do you want him to go?

At what age did he begin displaying the skills that he’s now known for?

She replies:

Dear Luke,

What kind of questions you ask a Jewish Mother like me? 

The similarities between Dan and me are mainly the desire to touch a cord in peoples hearts.Also I think that we both have good intuition which guides us in difficult moments. We both love people and create fairly easily a trust with the people we film. I think we both have sense of humor although his is better.

The differences are: Dan is by far more talented than me. He has a unique way of looking at things visually. He likes the personal touch in his films and I can live with other genres as well. Dan has a wonderful sense of  drama. I put a lot of emphasis on structure.

I don’t have a favorite film of his. I like each one in its own context and circumstances. In fact I was personally involved in his work as much as he was involved in mine. He is the most important and hardest critic I ever had and I listen carefully to all his remarks.

His artistic skills were displayed since he was in high school, He encouraged me to go to film school when we were in the US in the 1980s. Whenever I had to work on a script he stayed at home and helped me. In fact he has been my teacher and mentor since he was 10 years old. He would say: Mom you want to do it go ahead! And I listened to him.

Don’t forget that he was in the army for five years and this had affected him and also disrupted him.

In what direction do I want him to move?

I want his to do what is suitable to have his voice heard.

Now he wants to do a feature but I am sure that he will continue with the documentary. Like Zypora he has what to give to the world and he should give it.

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