Michelle Bachmann Gets Better Each Day

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager said: “Michelle Bachmann is better and better each day, which is a big deal. It means a lot of things, including intelligence. It’s hard for a mediocre mind to adapt. It takes a facile mind to adapt. This is my new challenge. I will rise to it. It means she has a clear mind. She’s somebody to watch.”

“In tennis, you have to get the ball over the net. In politics, you have to inspire people to support you.”

“Rick Perry presented a grand vision for America. I found the delivery stilted. Michelle Bachmann has a fluent presentation of herself.”

“There are three great problems with Mitt Romney. One. He has changed his positions on a number of fundamental matters. Two. What is his grand vision? Third. Romneycare. I will go to my grave why Mitt Romney did not say, I tried it. It failed. Nobody knows better than I that government intervention in healthcare is a catastrophe. But he never says that.”

“I don’t know Rick Perry. I know the success of Texas.”

The WSJ still hopes another party enters the race for the Republican nomination.

“Income tax is an idea that has come and gone. Income tax creates a nation of cheats.”

“You either rivet people’s attention or you don’t. I’m not sure that it can be learned.”

“I want a God-centered candidate but he has to make a wider appeal than to just evangelicals.”

“I’m probably closer to Rick Santorum in my outlook than any other candidate but he won’t win.”

Dennis seemed worried that Rick Perry was too Texas and too Christian to be president of the United States. “Americans want a sophisticated president.”

“The vast majority of Americans would not know Rick Perry if he sat next to them on a plane.”

“This is the first time I’ve heard Rick Perry give a speech. I come in as a clean slate with Rick Perry.”

“If Joe Lieberman showed up at the Iowa State Fair in a yarmulke, that would’ve been odd. I don’t see what it gains.”

“It’s a thin line that politicians have to walk between being a regular guy and president of the United States. I would err on the side of the President of the United States.”

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