That Was Some Earthquake

An earthquake rolled through the hovel for about ten seconds.

I’m live on my cam.

I was holding on to my computer monitor and cam.

The hovel got real shook up.

It was centered in Chino Hills and was a magnitude 5.4. The quake was about seven miles deep.

Las Vegas felt this.

I think this is the biggest earthquake I’ve felt.

I wasn’t here for the big Northridge one in January 1994.

Schools are evacuating.

It’s rare to have a substantive foreshock to a bigger earthquake.

I checked at 11:54, 12 minutes after the quake, and the site said its server is down.

The Los Angeles basin is like a big bowl of jello and we feel these things harder than those in the mountains, even if they are closer to the epiccenter.

My friend Crissy Moran works about a mile from me on Wilshire Blvd. She reports: "I just ran down 8 flights of stairs. I don’t think I have ever been so scared in my life! I might move back to FL w/ the hurricanes."

According to this Cal tech scientist on TV, the odds are 5% that any earthquake in California is a foreshock. If this was a foreshock, the odds are the big earthquake would happen within a few hours.

Serious damage in California won’t happen until an earthquake hits about 6.0 on the richter scale.

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