Pico-Robertson Gets A New Shul – The LINK Shul

Email: With great and bursting praise to the Almighty, we formally announce the beginning of the New LINK Shul – an offshoot of the LINK Kollel.

Where will the shul be located?
In our Kollel, 1453 Robertson – corner of Saturn and Robertson. It is a beautiful space with a backyard area, two classrooms and a gorgeous sanctuary. We are in the process of beautiful renovations as well.

When does it start?
The 1st minyan begins with Shacharis on Thursday, September 1st at 6:45am. In general, Mon. and Th. mornings will be at 6:45am, Tues., Wed. and Fri. will be at 7am and Sun. at 8:15am.The 1st Shabbos minyan will begin on September 9-10th. Fri. Mincha will be 15 minutes before sundown; Shabbos mornings will start at 9am. We will have Mincha Sun. thru Th. at 2:15pm and Maariv at 9:30pm. There will also be a Mincha/ Maariv combined, beginning 15 minutes before sunset.

What are the membership costs?
Free. That’s correct. We certainly welcome and need donations, but we hope b’ezras Hashem for as long as we can, to keep the membership all free. To be a member, you must fill out a form which we will send out shortly. We will charge for seats for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. No one will be turned away for lack of funds for RH/YK – but we may sell out – so please reserve as soon as we open it up.

Will there be childcare/youth groups ?
Yes. We will have baby care on the shul premises and three childcare groups that will be staffed by energetic and responsible counselors under the supervision of experienced adults in a fantastic preschool facility that has an indoor/outdoor area

What type of shul will it be and whom do you expect to attend?
Warm and Serious. All different types of Jews – united by a desire to grow in their Judaism
Warm in that everyone will feel comfortable. Warm in that no one feels judged. Warm in that everyone will have a place for a Shabbos meal. Warm in that the mechitza allows women to see well while maintaining ideal halachic standards. Warm in that the LINK shul will have wonderful melodies and sweet singing. Warm in that the LINK shul seeks to develop community and connections.
Serious in that a shul is a place to pray to Hashem and the decorous davening will be assumed, not imposed. Serious in that the davening will not be shleppy and belabored. Serious in that you will feel like you are in a special space.

Are there any unique features to the shul?

1. Our wonderful Kollel Rabbis, Rebbitzens and their families form the nucleus of the community
2. Over Shabbos, there will be at least 8 distinct learning opportunities.
3. Every non-winter Shabbos, when feasible, we will have a women’s shiur in the Pico community. The first three shiurim will be given by Rebbitzen Batyah Brander on Yonah. Stay tuned for details
4. Every non-winter Shabbos, we will have father-son learning.
5. Approximately once a month, there will be a soulful, beautiful and extended Seudah Shlishis
6. During winter months, we will have an Oneg Shabbos 1-2 times a month
7. A serious teen minyan [for young men, 11-16] run by one of our Kollel Rabbis, to empower the youth
8. Approximately 4 beautiful Shabbatonim with outstanding and dynamic Torah personalities (including Rabbi Paysach Krohn)

Will there be shiurim during the week?
The LINK Shul is affiliated with the LINK Kollel. The Link Kollel will provide over 25 weekly shiurim (for men and women) and 50+ Chavrusa Slots. Got www.linkla.org for details

Will there be a Kiddush every week. If so, will it be a hot Kiddush?
Yes. We really hope so.

Does Pico need another shul?
We need at least as many shuls as restaurants. In truth, the Pico Robertson community is moving eastward and we seek to meet the growing demand of the vibrant Pico community.

Who will lead the minyan ?
Rabbi Asher Brander and Rabbi Eli Stern. Rabbi Brander has been the Rabbi of the Westwood Kehilla for the past 17 years, and Rebbe at YULA High School and Bnos Devorah for 21 years. He founded the LINK Kollel in 2002 . Rabbi Stern has been a shul Rabbi and an Outreach teacher for the past 24 years in 4 cities, including the last 15 in LA.

How can I help? How can I find out more?

We’ll let you know after Shabbos, in the meantime, enjoy Shabbos, and we look forward to joining your community really soon!!

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