Breaking Up 2.0

From Jewcy:

  • It’s Over, Sign Off (or At Least, Be Invisible): Who hasn’t sat and stared at their Buddy List, trying desperately to diagnose the emotional status of their significant other based on their idle times and away messages? If you can’t control yourself (or vice versa), remove your ex from your buddy list or block them altogether. You might also want to set yourself to invisible or stealth mode.
  • Stop Refreshing: Also, stop emailing. If it gets really bad, assign a filter so that emails from your ex head straight to spam or trash.
  • Social Networking: Set relationship status to "single" on all your social networking accounts. Duh.
  • Say What?: Things didn’t end so well? Consider deleting their comments or testimonials from your social networking profiles.
  • To Blog or Not to Blog: If your ex is misbehaving, simply ban their IP addresses from commenting on your blog.

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