A Man Commits Suicide At The Corner Of Pickford/Sherbourne

A man committed suicide by a gun shot to his head around 1 p.m. Friday at the corner of Pickford Street and Sherbourne Drive in Pico-Robertson, CA, 90035.

I saw a crumpled body wrapped in a white sheet next to a black BMW. Blood leaked through the sheet.

I heard the man was from Beverly Hills. No idea yet why he chose this location to kill himself.

I arrived at the scene at 2:05 p.m.

R. posts to FB: “I remember not so long ago a police car chase ended not far from that corner, and the driver being chased shot themselves in their car.”

The news media usually do not cover suicides to avoid encouraging them (unless the suicides are by public figures). Thus I have not been able to find out anything further on this story. And I don’t expect any MSM coverage.

Ken* emails at 1:54: Hi Luke:

I see you cover the Pico Robertson news– I was driving 1 block south
of Cashio near Sherborne just 10 minutes ago and I saw caution tape,
police, firefighter, onlookers, and a big white blob

Would like to know what happened and closer pics

Maybe u wanna do that?

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