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From Dennis Prager’s radio show today: Dennis talks to fellow talk show host, Glenn Beck. Dennis is unhappy that this good man has been libeled by the Left. The accusation that Beck is anti-semitic is absurd. Dennis heard Beck at a pro-Israel conference last weekend. He gave a stirring pro-Jewish, pro-Israel speech…

Tom Sowell and Investors Business Daily have joined the Wall Street Journal in advocating the Boehner Debt Plan. It’s not perfect, but it is the best available option.

Dennis to Glenn: “You have been libeled by the left as an anti-semite. You are among the most passionately pro-Jewish, pro-Israel Gentiles living today.”

Glenn: “George Soros spent about half a million dollars on a campaign to portray me as anti-Christian. When that didn’t work, he said that I was an anti-semite.”

Dennis: “The unbelievable claim made was that if you are anti-Soros, you are anti-Jewish.”

Luke: I’ve always been suspicious of Glenn Beck. His work seems dominated by emotion. Thinkers on the right side of the political spectrum such as Tom Sowell, Dennis Prager, George Will, and Charles Krauthammer, predominantly work in logic rather than emotion. Pure emoting substituting for thought is something I think of as occurring primarily on the left.

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