USA Versus Japan In Women’s World Cup Soccer

I’ve never been this excited about a woman’s team sport.

Well, perhaps I was in high school, when I covered the girls basketball team for the Auburn Journal and people at school the next day said that my stories made the games seem exciting.

Anyway, I’m thinking about USA vs. Japan and how nobody in America that I know hates Japan anymore. By contrast, in Australia, there remains tremendous resentment of the Japanese for WWII.

I wonder why this difference?

I think it is because the American economy and cultural and military influence is so huge that it is not threatened in any way by Japan while Australia’s economy is tiny compared to Japan and the Japanese have been able to buy up much of Australia and this rubs many people the wrong way.

I can’t wait to watch this game and exclaim, “Look at how those Japs nip around.”

I wonder if the Japs will use an aerial attack or if they will send in submarines like they did in Sydney harbor?

The Jap defenders are dug in like they were in Iwo Jima!

If you could date any member of the USA team, who? I’ll go with Hope Solo. I need a strong woman in my life.

PS. Japan wins on penalty kicks.

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