Did President Kennedy’s Back Brace Kill Him?

I’m reading the book Reclaiming History: The Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy by Vincent Bugliosi.

Dr. John Lattimer studied the assassination for years. He concluded that Kennedy’s back brace may have been responsible for his death. Dr. Lattimer writes that Kennedy had “bound himself firmly in a rather wide corset, with metal stays and a stiff plastic pad over the sacral area, which was tightly laced to his body. The corset was then bound even more firmly to his torso and hips by a six-inch-wide knitted elastic bandage, which he had wrapped in a figure eight between his legs and around his waist, over large thick pads, to encase himself tightly… He apparently adopted this type of tight bonding as a consequence of the painful loosening of his joints around the sacroiliac area, probably a result of his long-continued cortisone therapy.”

What happened? When Kennedy and Governor John Connally were struck by the same bullet, the “corset prevented him from crumpling down out of the line of fire, as Governor Connally did. Because the president remained upright, with his head exposed, Oswald was able to draw a careful bead on the back of his head.”

The first bullet that hit Kennedy passed through soft tissue and did not strike any organ. He would’ve survived. (Pg. 59)

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