I’m Rooting For The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team

Until this week, I never cared about any women’s team sport. I found them all boring to watch. It would never occur to me to watch men sew or knit of raise babies and it didn’t seem interesting to me to watch women parallel park or play basketball.

I still hold that a good high school boy’s team can beat the best women’s team in the world in any sport, be it soccer or basketball or baseball.

Still, I found Sunday’s victory over Brazil by the U.S. women’s soccer team to be a thrilling match (I just saw the highlights).

I watched all of yesterday’s game against France and found it compelling.

And on Sunday, I’ll be rooting for America versus Japan in the women’s soccer World Cup final.

Watching women play basketball, however, that is painful. The skill level is just so low. The women move slowly (compared to men) and their shots look awkward.

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