Dennis Prager: Casey Anthony Got Away With Murder Or Manslaughter

On his radio show yesterday, Dennis Prager said: “I expected some form of guilty verdict. I’ve listened to commentary for a day now.”

“The prosecution had an impossible task.”

Casey Anthony either got away with murder or she got away with manslaughter.”

“I don’t like Jose Baez [Casey’s defense attorney]. I don’t like his values. I don’t like he partied afterwards, opening champagne on TV. Didn’t a little girl get killed? Didn’t a family get torn apart?”

“Casey made up lie after lie after lie to just delay the investigation. The non-reporting of your own child gone missing.”

“PTSD leads one to party? Her brother is the father of the baby? Her father molested her?”

“The most eloquent moment of the trial was watching the parents leave the court room after the verdict was announced.”

“The last person I announced that I didn’t like was John Edwards. Maybe twice a decade I announce something like that.”

Why did Jose Baez lapse into Spanish in his news conference?

Dennis: “I don’t have the words to describe how I feel at this moment.”

“What the hell was that about? Are the Anthonys latino? It’s so arrogant. I am going to shove it to your face my ethnic origins. They have nothing to do with anything but I just thought I’d do it. I’m going to tell Alan Dershowitz that the next time he wins a case, he should lapse into Yiddish.”

“I’m not blaming the jury nor the prosecution. My biggest annoyance is what the defense did to smear the father and the brother.”

“Can anybody come up with a plausible explanation for the death of the child that does not involve the mother’s bad behavior? Drowned in the pool and then what?”

“I’d like to ask the defense team, what do you believe happen? And put them on a lie detector.”

“She should keep quiet. She should enter the equivalent of a modern nunnery. Her daughter died under her watch and she did nothing to find the daughter. That’s the best scenario and it’s sick and evil. The best scenario paints her as awful. The worst scenario as monsterous. To be seen back to her partying… Her tattoo said, ‘The beautiful life.’ My daughter is gone and now it is the beautiful life. I recommend to her a quiet life of penitence.”

“If I had been on the jury, I would’ve voted for manslaughter.”

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