Are You A Flake?

I’m reading this book "106 Mortgage Secrets" and I’m learning a lot about life.

Gary Eldred writes in his new book about loan approval:

The credit score is most important…

Have you job hopped or job flopped? Have you lived in more places than you can remember? Did you jump through six majors before you finished community college? Do you suffer bouts of binge spending and borrowing? Does your background look more like a tossed salad that’s been thrown against a wall than the impeccable dinner presentation of an expensive French restaurant? If so, you’ve got some explaining to do.

Loan reps and underwriters want to make sense of your life as it’s displayed on your mortgage application. They want to evaluate where you’ve been and where you’re headed. To satisfy their penchant for consistency, figure a theme or angle that ties your loose ends together. Give the lender confidence that six motnhs after you’ve closed your loan, you won’t abandon the property to join a Hare Krishna colony.


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