White Racism In New Orleans

I’m watching a Daniel Tosh comedy special on Netflix streaming.

Daniel: “Secretly I hope that New Orleans gets nailed again. You’d rather spend billions rebuilding a city that is below sea level? I’ve got another business plan. Cut our losses and finish the job, Lord.

“New Orleans gets flooded? I say that if any city in this country needed a bath, it was New Orleans. Cajuns are dirty is a fact. That is French and redneck merging. That’s a combination no anti-perspirant can tackle.

“Blatant racism was obvious in New Orleans. We all know it wasn’t just blacks looting. There were tons of Mexicans looting. Why you stealing a VCR, Jose? They don’t even make VHS any more. I’m white and I’ve had a TIVO for three years.”

“I fell asleep watching the country music channel and I woke up racist.”

“Have you noticed that when people talk about where they live is a good place to raise kids, what they’re trying to say is that where I live is really segregated.”

Rita emails: I grew up in Des Moines,Iowa-it’s a very good place to grow up, but it really isn’t segregated. It’s a good place to grow up because everyone uses the public schools and keeps them at a high level. There are a handful of parochial schools that some people use. Real estate is very reasonable, and most things available here are now there. We were just there for Irv’s med school reunion. The same place he hated during med school,he liked this time,and was ready to move back. People are polite there. It has a different pace that’s not so rushed. It’s major drawback is the weather-winter is brutal. I think the quote is wrong in so many ways. Des Moines is not alone-there are other communities that are great to raise kids and not because of segregation.

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