What Happened To Cedars-Sinai?

I blame the Mexicans.

Cedars is a good hospital system, but it is overtaxed.  The average national rate of hospital beds/patient population is 4 beds/1000 people. In LA, as a result of the closures of so many hospitals, its more like .5 beds/1000. The biggest problem is the disproportionate number of uninsured patients aka illegal aliens.

guest3: my friend had medicare but was sent to kaiser as cedars icu dept was full and he had better care than at cedars
YourMoralLeader: i love kaiser
guest3: cedars has gone way down & they have a big problem with mersa
YourMoralLeader: what’s mersa?
guest3: but they have a great pr dept that covers all the boo boos
guest3: mersa is the staph infections you get in hospitals that you can’t get rid of
guest3: they are the hospital infections that usually are the kiss of death
guest3: ppl have looked down on kaiser for many years & was considered only for the poor or indigent but it is common knowledge that it is now good as hospital care goes

Anon emails: With millions of uninsured in California, how do you blame illegal aliens for your friend not getting an ICU bed at Cedars?  i can’t decide whether that’s racism or ignorance.  Haven’t you noticed that the health system is collapsing and that an increasing percentage of workers don’t have employer-paid insurance?

Also, the poor and indigent don’t go to Kaiser.  Only those privileged to have health insurance, either employer or self-paid, can go there.  Kaiser is not accessible to the indigent.

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