Rubashkins Caught Red-Handed broke this story.

Mashgiach writes:

Rubashkin’s 11.5 Million Dollar, PR firm, 5W,(click for Link) recently hired by Rubashkin to whitewash their tainted criminal image, has not only not helped clear Rubashkins Meat co., of any Criminal Image but got caught, Red Handed, in it’s own alleged deceptive smear campaign, that 5W is allegedly involved, in criminal impersonation, of several Rubashkin Critics, in a deliberate attempt, to falsely smear, Rubashkins major, vocal critics.

Critics in Crown Heights, still remember, a similar PR firm, hired by Rubashkin, using more than $100,000.00 of CHJCC funds, to help Rubashkin in his failed attempt, to establish Fake Rabbonim Elections in C.H.

This article is a follow-up to this report that appears in this week’s print edition of the Forward.

The CEO of a major New York public relations firm publicly admitted that his company posted fraudulent comments on the Internet about a client, a major kosher slaughterhouse.

Over the course of the past week, evidence has mounted that someone at the firm, 5WPR, had posted comments on a number of Web sites under false names. The comments in question were about Agriprocessors, a kosher meat company that was recently the target of a massive federal immigration raid. 5WPR began representing Agriprocessors in June, and many of the comments praised Agriprocessors, while others impersonated prominent critics of the company.

The employee in charge of the Agriprocessors account, Juda Engelmayer, initially said that an intern at the company had posted the comments and had been fired.

Today, the CEO of 5WPR, Ronn Torossian, released a statement that said, "A senior staff member failed to be transparent in dealing with client matters. He has taken full responsibility."

In an e-mail to the Forward, Torossian wrote that Engelmayer had not been fired. But Torossian would not answer questions about how Engelmayer, or anyone else in the company, had taken "full responsibility." He also would not answer questions about the status of the intern that Engelmayer had mentioned.

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