Blowing Through Your Inheritance

A Catholic priest who converted to Judaism said: “Teaching is a rewarding task, but in America a teacher is a long way down the community ladder. He has no prestige or vital influence. American Jews in particular find it difficult to respect a person who is without financial backing. You are not quite kosher. If I were planning my life again, I would give more attention to material things and, above all, security. Idealism should be linked to a sense of financial adequacy.”

I was struck by that. I think he’s right.

Fred emails: I suppose I have always had the notion that one should attend to one’s financial security. I have always considered those who ignore such considerations to be profoundly unwise. This is not the same thing as greed. I have no interest in mansions or expensive cars.

Is this a minority point of view?

Chaim Amalek emails: Dead right. Women, in particular, are expert at sniffing out a man’s financial circumstances and prospects, and judge him accordingly. As they should. Evolution is not dumb.

Speaking of financial backing, I wonder who bought off the New York State legislature so that we now have this expanded array of marriage possibilities? Not that there is anything wrong with that, mind you.

Bob emails: A good friend of mine retired two years ago and she realizes she did not save enough for retirement. Social Security is not that secure. At 65 your options are limited. Walmart greeter.

She was unemployed for her last few workable years. She also decided to refinance her house to put in a $30K kitchen. She made choices, but now she’s stuck. I told her to check into Alexander Tech. classes. Hey, why not?

Khunrum emails: I’m being serious here lads. I know this isn’t politically correct but when I hear of people blowing through inheritances and 401K’s very quickly it is usually women. I was dating a Chinese lady (back when I was dating) who handed 60k over to a Chinese shyster who then abounded with her cash. When I asked why she trusted the guy she answered “he spoke my language.”

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