Los Angeles Jews In Litigation

I believe the Moshe A. Kagan named in the following lawsuit owns Western Produce at 456 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036-1717.

Case Type: Premises Liablty (e.g. slip & fall (General Jurisdiction)  Case#: LC081927  CASE NAME: BARRY SACKS VS MOSHE A. KAGAN,ETC.  Parties: BACK EAST BAKERY – Defendant’s DBA,DOES 1 TO 30 – Defendant,DOWLING JAMES BERNARD – Attorney-Plaintiff,KAGAN MOSHE A. – Defendant,SACKS BARRY – Plaintiff  Attorneys:  Date Filed: 07/02/2008 

Case Type: Premises Liablty (e.g. slip & fall (General Jurisdiction)  Case#: SC098804  CASE NAME: RABBI RUBEN MILIKAN VS. BALLY TOTAL FITNESS OF CALIF.,INC.  Parties: BALLY TOTAL FITNESS CORPORATION – Defendant,BALLY TOTAL FITNESS OF CALIFORNIA INC. – Defendant,MILIKAN RABBI RUBEN – Plaintiff  Attorneys: BRAL S. SEAN – Attorney for Plaintiff  Date Filed: 06/30/2008 

Collections Case-Seller Plaintiff (General Jurisdiction) Case#: BC393762 CASE NAME: CITY OF LOS ANGELES VS YONATAN SUISA ET AL Parties: AIZIK YAEL – Def/Res’s AKA,AIZIKNISSIM YAEL – Def/Res,DOES 1-25 – Def/Res,IZIK EYAL – Def/Res’s AKA,LOS ANGELES CITY OF – PL/PET,NISSIM YAEL – Def/Res’s AKA,SUISA YONATAN – Def/Res,SUISA YONATHAN – Def/Res’s AKA,SWISA YONATHAN – Def/Res’s AKA,SWIZA YONATON – Def/Res’s AKA Attorneys: DOUGLAS PAMELA L. – Attorney for PL/PET Date Filed: 07/02/2008

According to this posting, Feivel Paul Mendlowitz is the blogger UnOrthodox Jew.

Case Type: Othr Breach Contr/Warr-not Fraud (General Jurisdiction) Case#: BC393702 CASE NAME: GENERAL ELECTRIC CAPITAL CORPORATION VS FEIVEL PAUL MENDLOWI Parties: DOES 1-30 – Def/Res,GENERAL ELECTRIC CAPITAL CORPORATION – PL/PET,MENDLOWITZ FEIVEL PAUL – Def/Res Attorneys: ALBERSTONE DANIEL ESQ. – Attorney for PL/PET Date Filed: 07/01/2008

Case Type: Other Real Property Rights Case (General Jurisdiction) Case#: BC393665 CASE NAME: OLAM INVESTMENTS LLC VS BRENDA RECHNITZER Parties: DOE ONE TO DOE TEN – Def/Res,OLAM INVESTMENTS LLC – PL/PET,RECHNITZER BRENDA – Def/Res Attorneys: EZER MITCHEL J. ESQ. – Attorney for PL/PET Date Filed: 07/02/2008

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