My Dialogue With Rabbi Mordecai Gafni

I spent today in Salt Lake City talking to Dr. Gafni. Audio

I hope to have the full transcript posted in the next few days.

Afterwards, I walked around the outside of the Mormon Temple.

It was my first visit to Salt Lake. I loved it there. The place was clean and the people were nice. It had a good vibe.

I want to go back back.

Dr. Gafni and I did our dialogue and shot these pictures at the headquarters of Catalyst magazine, which prints 25,000 copies each month.

Editor and Publisher Greta deJong (nice Catholic girl) hosted us and snapped these photos.

She kept the mint tea and mango green tea coming all day as Mordecai and I talked ourselves dry.

The Awareness Center this week sent out a release saying that Gafni has changed his name to "Marc Israel" and married a fourth time. Dr. Gafni says this is not true.

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