TMZ Videographer Josh Levine Vs. Actor Woody Harrelson

From TMZ:

Woody Harrelson choked TMZ cameraman Josh Levine late Thursday night as he left a Hollywood nightclub, and the LAPD is conducting a criminal investigation.

The incident occurred at approximately 11:30 p.m. outside Element, a club frequented by celebrities. As Harrelson left with three women and two men, Levine and other photogs began shooting. Harrelson became irritated and asked Levine to stop shooting. Harrelson then walked over to Levine, put his hand on the camera and asked Levine to stop. Levine said "All I’m doing is my job." Harrelson, who appears in "A Prairie Home Companion," then said, "I’ve asked you to stop, are you going to stop?" and Levine replied, "Not when you ask me like that." The video then shows Harrelson break the camera and the picture goes dead.

TMZ obtained a second video, shot by another photog, showing the altercation. The photographer began shooting just as Harrelson grabbed Levine’s neck. There is no audio in this portion of the tape.

After the incident, Levine was visibly agitated and argued with a man who appeared to be Harrelson’s security guard. Then Levine flagged down an LAPD patrol car and told the two officers inside, "Hey bro, I just got assaulted by Woody Harrelson. He choked me out right now." A man standing near Levine added, "Yeah, I’m a witness." The police did not acknowledge Levine and simply drove away.

Case Type: Intentional PI/PD/WD (eg. assault) (General Jurisdiction) Case#: BC393060 CASE NAME: JOSH LEVINE VS WOODY HARRELSON Parties: DOES 1-20 – Def/Res,HARRELSON WOODY – Def/Res,LEVINE JOSH – PL/PET Attorneys: NOWNEJAD CYRUS ESQ. – Attorney for PL/PET Date Filed: 06/20/2008

How does one sue a judge? Case Type: Other PI/PD/WD (General Jurisdiction) Case#: BC393330 CASE NAME: RODNEY ROGERS VS JUDGE AVIVA K BOBB ET AL Parties: BOHLMAN MAGGIE – Def/Res,BRAR VIKRAM – Def/Res,CHEN JACKSON – Def/Res,CLARK NETTIE – Def/Res,HALL GWENDOLYN – Def/Res,HALL ISAAC JR. – Def/Res,JUDGE AVIVA K. BOBB – Def/Res,KATZ RONALD – Def/Res,LIFE SERVICES – Def/Res,RAPOOR MARISHA – Def/Res,ROGERS RODNEY – Plaintiff & Plaintiff In Pro Per,SAWYERS WANDA – Def/Res,SCOTT ADAM – Def/Res Attorneys: Date Filed: 06/26/2008

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