Should Anthony Weiner Retain His Seat In Congress?

Dennis Prager writes:

I cannot think of a single event that symbolizes the decline of American society — and especially of its liberal elite — as much as Weiner’s actions and his retention of his seat in Congress.
It is almost surreal. The Weiner photos pervade the Internet, and people like Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., do not demand the congressman’s resignation, and liberal commentators wonder whether the congressman violated any laws.
Salon’s Joan Walsh on MSNBC: “You can’t accuse him of hypocrisy; he’s not a family values moralizer. You can’t accuse him yet of breaking the law.”
Los Angeles Times editorial, June 8: “We’d prefer to leave it to New York voters to decide Weiner’s political future.”
And surely the Los Angeles Times knows that a majority of New York City voters say Weiner should stay in office.
New York Times editorial, June 6: “Mr. Weiner says he will not resign, and there is no evidence yet that he broke the law or abused the resources of his office. He said the computer and BlackBerry that he used were his own, not issued by the government.”
If you ever need to show someone how low liberalism has sunk in our lifetime, just show him this New York Times editorial. A congressman sends photos of his genitalia to women he doesn’t know, and The New York Times doesn’t think he should resign unless the BlackBerry he used was issued by the government.

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