Is Huma Abedin Partly Responsible For Her Husband’s Sexting?

MSNBC’s Christ Matthew suggests that Huma Abedin is partially responsible for Anthony Weiner’s behavior.

In 2007, gossip linked Huma sexually to Hillary Clinton. Then in 2008, Huma settled down with Anthony Weiner.

In today’s news conference, Anthony Weiner said Huma knew about his past habits of sexting.

She was warned, just like the sotah.

Joe emails:

My guess is she turned off spigot soon after the marriage. She learned from the best, namely, Hillary Clinton.

Weiner is too full of himself to go the spitzer route for services for hire, and unable to score women for free because he is not tiger woods. This online stuff is truly puerile and, in my view, is more psychologically problematic than paying. I guess it is not “cheating” in the Bill Clinton sense, but it is truly bizarre. The idea of digitizing the sex act really is kind of a deep form of resentment against sexuality – that somehow one can use the right hand to type and the left hand to jerk off so as to fulfill the human need for contact. There is simply no way that typing vulgarity can even come close to fulfilling the need, and even trying shows a sort of childishness that borders on stupidity.

Wiener should have realized that he is in a marriage of convenience, which was his choice, and then logged on to free porn sites. It works for approximately 50% of married men, and the rest cheat.

Knowing that Anthony Weiner did these online flirtations, Huma chose to marry him. I find it hard to feel sorry for her. She chose to marry a scumbag. Anthony Weiner has acted like a scumbag many times publicly. A 2001 Vanity Fair article detailed his hijinks with interns.

Huma Abedin chose to be the bodywoman for Hillary Clinton, so she obviously does not have standards.

This scandal has legs because we still don’t know much about Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin and her strategic relationships. Is she an agent of Saudi intelligence? What are her sexual preferences? Was she keeping Weiner happy in that department? Did they make some deal before marriage that he could screw around? How many women has Weiner behaved beastly to? I’m sure there are many and those stories will only keep rolling out.

The New York Post reports:

She’s standing by her man — but that act seems to be wearing thin.
Rep. Anthony Weiner’s humiliated wife sheepishly showed her face at a Washington event yesterday, keeping a stiff upper lip amid the swirling scandal surrounding her husband’s tawdry Twitter photo.
Huma Abedin, 34, briefly hesitated at the State Department ballroom door before working up the courage to go in — but she left after just five minutes and steered clear of her boss, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.
While she put on a brave face inside the Beltway, her husband was busy weaseling out of a long-scheduled speaking engagement at last night’s Wisconsin Democratic Convention.

The New York Post reports June 3:

Huma Abedin — the deputy chief of staff to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton — isn’t fretting over the crotch shot sent to a comely co-ed from her husband’s lively Twitter account, a close friend said.
“She’s not worried about infidelity,” said her friend. “She’s confident and comfortable in her marriage.”

Is Anthony Weiner a beard for Huma Abedin?

When Bill Clinton sexually strayed, Dick Morris suggested that Hillary Clinton was perhaps not interested in sex with a man.

Time magazine reported: “Then Morris, who left Clinton’s employ in August 1996 when his tryst with a Washington prostitute went shockingly public, promptly inserted foot in mouth, hinting to KABC radio that Bill’s problems were rooted in Hillary “not necessarily being into regular sex with men.””

So if Hillary’s not interested in sex with men and Huma’s not interested in sex with men, what are their men going to do sexually?

From the NYDN Jan. 29, 1998:

Morris did not respond directly to McCurry’s broadside yesterday but released a statement in which he denied saying First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton “was gay.
“Hillary is, to my knowledge, not gay,” Morris said. “I have a very high regard for both Bill and Hillary Clinton and only wish them well in this extremely difficult time.”
But on Tuesday night, Morris accused the radio station of twisting his words by playing an edited tape “to convince people that I said the the opposite.”
KABC station spokeswoman Shelly Wagner denied the station monkeyed with the tape, adding, “the transcript speaks for itself.”
Morris was bantering with the radio jocks about the Clinton crisis when he launched into a theory about why the President might seek sex from a White House intern and why Hillary Clinton might forgive her hubby for doing so.
“None of what I’m about to say is necessarily a fact,” Morris cautioned. “Let’s assume that some of the allegations that Hillary sometimes not necessarily being into regular sex with men might be true.
“Let’s assume that this is a guy who’s been sexually active for a long time, and then got it that as President he’d have to not have to shut himself down. You would then expect a variety of things which would be quasi-sexual in nature.”
One of those things, Morris said, might be phone sex which Lewinsky claims to have engaged in with the President. “We’re talking about a kind of Walter Mitty life,” he said.

So here’s an excerpt from that 2001 Vanity Fair article about Anthony Weiner’s undignified behavior.

Scene: “Davis and her group of attractive women happen upon Rep. Weiner and a large group of Congressmen towards the end of the piece, after the September 11th attacks change mood of the nation’s capital. They hesitate to interact with the group of men cackling and feasting at the same establishment as them, but one of them dares engage:”

Vanity Fair article:

Even Diana looks uncertain about actually venturing into the “boys’ club” sanctuary. “Not a woman in there,” she remarks.
Then Caroline, the aspiring journalist, feisty and hungry to taste everything Washington has to offer before returning to Britain, settles it. Leaning back, she taps the balding guy on the arm as he returns from the men’s room. “What’s going on in there? Why are you all having so much fun?” she asks.
The man grins. “Those are a group of congressmen who are friends of mine. I thought they were hungry. They needed to kind of let themselves go.” He pauses. “And they are doing that.
“Come in and meet the rowdy crew,” he says. And with a toss of her hair, Caroline stands up and goes in.
The women are heckled as they enter. “Tell us your name and where you are from,” says one of the men. As if on a game show the women comply, one by one. When Caroline says she is an intern, the largest of the group, a white-haired man with a big belly and big laugh, roars, “We’re afraid of interns.” He throws his knife at a lean man named Mike, at the other end of the table. Mike is unamused. He threatens to throw it back. Another guy, rotund and jolly-faced, stands up and does an impression of Marlon Brando doing Don Corleone. The others think it’s hysterical.
Diana whispers that there is no way they can be congressmen. She figures they are businessmen. She wonders how she is going to get out.
They are congressmen—although at first they pretend not to be. One, the youngest, with a tiny goatee, introduces himself as Anthony, an auto-parts salesman. The others call him “the Jewish kid” and make fun of his beard. Their real names and states are as follows: the auto-parts salesman is Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.); the lean Mike is Michael Capuano (D-Mass.); the jolly guy who imitated Brando is John Larson (D-Conn.); the man who was worried about interns is Robert Brady (D-Pa.).

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