The New Case Against Immigration, Both Legal And Illegal

Mark Krikorian writes:

My new book is being released this week: The New Case Against Immigration, Both Legal and Illegal, published by Sentinel, part of the Penguin Group.

The central point of the book — the part of the ”Case” that’s ”New” — is that mass immigration is incompatible with modern society, not because the immigrants are different, but because we are. The changes that mark a modern country — in the economy, society, government, technology, etc. — are so fundamental that America’s past success with immigration is no longer relevant. In other words, large-scale immigration was an important phase in our national development, but one we have outgrown.

The book has chapters on sovereignty, assimilation, security, the economy, government spending, and population, as well as a final chapter outlining in some detail what a modern American immigration policy should look like.

David Frum of the conservative American Enterprise Institute has written that the book ”will head any list of the outstanding public policy books of 2008. … This is a book that will anchor the national conversation on immigration in the months ahead”

Mickey Kaus, a liberal journalist and welfare expert has written, ”It is to the immigration debate what Losing Ground was to the poverty debate. My copy is already dog-eared.”

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