Orthodox Rabbi Seeks Ties To Christianity

From TorahMusings.com:

 NY LGBT Center slammed as center of anti-Israel activity
 New archive will document life in Old City from 1917-48
 Judges Let New York City Ban Worship Services From Schools
 Remembering Babe Ruth’s Concern For Jews During The Holocaust
 Religion News: Orthodox rabbis seek ties to Christianity
 Agudath de-blogs
 Liberals celebrate a same-sex wedding
 SALT Friday
 Conflicting Kashrus Rulings Translated
 Are Young Rabbis Turning on Israel? (note parenthetical statement about Orthodoxy)
 J’lem rabbi candidate calls for religious tolerance in city
 Inmate sues over prisons’ decision to stop serving kosher food
 New Day School Alternatives Set For Fall In N.J.
 Recollections Of Dayan Rabbi Dr. Aaron Levine
 When Religious Doctrine Undercuts Mandated Reporting On Abuse
 YU Shavuot To Go
 JTS Women Grads Struggling For Pulpits
 Ohel Campaign To Bolster Image Questioned
 Bible lessons move to Facebook
 SALT Thursday
 Banning Circumcision: The Target Is Religion, Not Jews
 Archive Fever
 Only Hebrew academy in Toledo area to close doors
 Bible lessons move to Facebook
 Skverer Rebbe Speaks Out in Ami Magazine
 Rabbi Dovid Feinstein and Other Leading Rabbis Forbid Anisakis Worm in Fish
 SALT Wednesday
 David Brooks: It’s Not About You
 IDF intelligence gets first haredi officers
 Jumping In With Open Eyes
 Rabbi slams blind obedience to rabbis

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