How Do You Graduate High School And Say ‘They Isn’t’?

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager talked about being in a restaurant Tuesday night while the Dallas-Miami game played silently with closed captioning across the bottom of the screen.

After the game, a black Miami player was interviewed and he said, “They isn’t.”

Dennis: “It is particularly stark the damage done by the left to America’s blacks.”

“I don’t know if the man graduated college, but I am certain he graduated high school. Did anybody ever correct him?”

“The left has rendered correcting incorrect English by a black as racism when anybody with a heart knows that when you don’t correct somebody, it is non-compassionate.”

“The left said that when a black says, ‘They isn’t’ that it is a dialect of English called ebonics. ‘They isn’t’ is not incorrect.

“The damage done to blacks by that left-wing attitude can’t be overstated.”

“You don’t sound intelligent when you say, ‘They isn’t.’ There is correct English and there is incorrect English.”

“I remember that the first black professional sports players, such as Jackie Robinson, spoke beautiful English. We’re talking about a deliberate deterioration that the left enforced.”

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