Because Israel Wants Peace, Israel Is Pushed To Make Concessions

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager talks to Elliot Abrams, senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, about the Israeli/Palestinian crisis.

They both estimate that about 70% of Palestinians oppose the existence of a Jewish state.

Dennis: “Precisely because Israel wants peace, Israel is the one that’s pressured. It’s backward. It’s like forcing Czechoslovakia to make concessions when Hitler wants to devour it.”

Because the Arabs are not presumed to want peace, there appears little reason to push them to make concessions to Israel.

Dennis: “When there’s been a conflict between a free state and a police state, can you think of an example where the police state wants peace and the free state doesn’t? There’s only one example on earth of a desire to exterminate a state — and that state [targeted] is Israel.”

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