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LeahKleim: Levi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
guest61: hello
LeahKleim: hey 61
LeahKleim: how r u
guest61: I have seen your website leah… I admire you.
LeahKleim: thank you
LeahKleim: are you a chabadnik ?
guest61: no I am litvak through and through but your stories resonate.
LeahKleim: litvaks have ther deamons too
LeahKleim: such is life
LeahKleim: If chabad dosent get ther s**t together i wanna move to uman and be breslub
LeahKleim: bresluv
guest61: I grew up in L.A. and went to all the right yeshivas and did all the right things..when i got back from israel I caught one of the rabbaim that used to smack us around in a compromising situation.
LeahKleim: tell me
guest61: Uman
LeahKleim: yeah Uman
LeahKleim: and sing Na Nach songs
LeahKleim: and be happy
guest61: nice
LeahKleim: Im sure the Rebbe had respect for reb Nachman
guest61: Im sure he did.
LeahKleim: Reb Nachman was a Tzadik
guest61: I wonder where it all went wrong.
LeahKleim: so tell me about the compromising positions
guest61: in general
LeahKleim: where what went wrong?
LeahKleim: sll the f**ked up mishugas ?
guest61: yup.
LeahKleim: They need a leader, Chassidim have always had a leader and now none of them really do, there are the Zalis and Aroinies and krinskies but its all about money, not achdus and ruchnius
guest61: I know… I have lost respect for the so called religious leaders out there
LeahKleim: they are not leaders, they are launderers, MONEY LAUNDERERS
LeahKleim: A real rebbe would not put up with all the hate and BS,, and would force a stop to it
LeahKleim: these "rabbonim" push all the garbage and dreck under the carpet
LeahKleim: Its all asur !
guest61: I heard a guy in shul boast about how he stole from some goyim in business. He said its ok cause they arent jewish
LeahKleim: Its not ok !
guest61: I was sick to my stomach – the rationalazation…a thief is a thief
LeahKleim: you have to pay taxes, and the sheva mitzvos benay noach even say you cant steal
LeahKleim: its the rubashkin mentality
LeahKleim: the sheva mitzvos benay noach apply to us more than anyone
guest61: I know… the spirit of the laws are not there…they hid behind heterim.
LeahKleim: we just have a ton of more things that are asur
LeahKleim: heterim are asur if they are given by a rabbi with rong or bad intentions
guest61: Its late by you… you always up this late?
LeahKleim: a heter is a serious issue
LeahKleim: yes
LeahKleim: its most peaceful now
guest61: I am in L.A. but up most of the night.
LeahKleim: I was just on the phone with my kick ass cool Rabbi In Cali
guest61: I know – its the only time I can relax, I have a cig outside and the stillness is relaxing
guest61: really? I need one of those.
LeahKleim: Im sucking a Marlboro right now
LeahKleim: You do ?
guest61: A kick ass rabbi – I havent trusted the "Institution" in a while.
guest61: I wish there was someone who I could truly believe.
LeahKleim: email me, perkydoubledd@yahoo.com
LeahKleim: Ill hook you up with a kick ass rabbi, or hell at least Ill try
LeahKleim: Hes a Tzadik

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