CBS Retracts Lara Logan Claims


CBS News today retracted a previously reported claim that Chief Foreign Correspondent Lara Logan, a rising star at the network, had conducted an "exclusive" interview with Afghan Warlord and wanted terrorist Gulbeddin Hekmatyar.

The CBS News story which was broadcast on the CBS Evening News and posted online at last week can be seen below in our initial report from this past Sunday.

The action taken by CBS News late today (Tuesday – June 24, 2008) was in direct response to the ERSNews report published this past Sunday evening raising questions about the broadcast and the accompanying online reports.

Our stories first revealed that Logan was not in Afghanistan, when CBS News claimed she conducted an "exclusive interview" for the network with the wanted terrorist.

ERSNews submitted detailed questions to CBS News spokeswoman Jennifer Farley nearly a week ago concerning how the report was put together and how the tape of Hekmatyar was made and obtained by CBS News, The Enterprise Report has yet to be provided a response.

Late today, (Tuesday – June 24, 2008) internet blog “TVNewser” posted an "exclusive" item reporting that CBS’s Logan would be moving her base from overseas to Washington DC.

Here at ERS its seems that the CBS may be trying to play a good game of spin and damage control. Nonetheless, we will just keep reporting the news accurately and let the truth chips fall where they may.

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