The Danger Of Tasting Variety

A 28 yo man calls Dennis Prager’s show today. “I noticed with my first girlfriend I didn’t have an interest in being with many women. It wasn’t until I had my second that I was interested in being with my third and fourth. I’ve noticed the same thing with some of my friends. It seems that the more experience you get, the more interest you are in being with many women.

“Places with arranged marriages. It’s claimed they are unlikely to end in divorce. I always thought that was because they were in places where the male and female were likely to be virgins when married and that’s a powerful thing to keep a couple together.”

Dennis: “I would be curious to know if men who’ve married the only woman they’ve been with are less likely to be unfaithful.”

“A man who’s been with other women will not sit around thinking, ‘What will being with other women be like?'”

Luke says: I think the caller is on to something. I had a regard for the opposite sex and a veneration and an awe that was eaten away by sleeping with multiple women. If I would’ve married a high school sweetheart and she was the only woman I had known in that respect, I think it would be easier to be faithful.

I remember the first woman I was with, she bitterly regretted that I wasn’t the first man she was with.

There was a sweetness and an innocence to what we had. And when I moved on to other women, something was lost.

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