Friday Afternoon Is The Most Active Time For My Live Cam

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ChaimAmalek:  Emma, I picture you walking barefoot in fields of heather, and I’ve no idea what heather is.
ChaimAmalek:  the straight Jewish Perez Hilton.
ChaimAmalek:  Maybe that could be your next goal
ChaimAmalek:  I have to admire a guy who came up from nothing on the web to where he is
ChaimAmalek:  Perez Hilton, Matt Drudge
ChaimAmalek:  Luke, for real – are you ever going to trim that beard?  I say either you get rid of it or you never touch it.
YourMoralLeader:  never touch it
ChaimAmalek:  Good.
Emma:  lol
ChaimAmalek:  Full Taliban
YourMoralLeader:  I feel a new confidence
ChaimAmalek:  But then ditch the western attire and start wearing one of those long white frocks like muslim men
Emma:  Everyone hide
ChaimAmalek:  And why not wear a turban every now and then? Certainly Judaism does not forbid it.
WELSHDRAGON:  lmao-full taliban-where’s ya ak47 luke?
ChaimAmalek:  You could even call yourself "the Jewish Imam"
ChaimAmalek:  And then won’t Rabbi Mushkin be sorry he crossed you
ChaimAmalek:  In fact, if I were you, I’d start an "enemies list" on, and give people the option of purchasing an indulgence to take their names off
ChaimAmalek:  Turbaned bearded Luke will command both respect AND dollars
ChaimAmalek:  Call yourself Luke X Ford
ChaimAmalek:  Brother Ford
ChaimAmalek:  Wear a bow tie
ChaimAmalek:  and a white shirt.
ChaimAmalek:  Also, get yourself frames – glasses without lenses to wear.
ChaimAmalek:  Then you will look even more studious

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