The Queer Frum Orthodox Chasidic Mother Of Eight Novelist

Somebody tried to set me up with this woman.

Then I did my research and found out she was queer.

So I just asked for an interview instead. Goldie said yes. We exchanged a bunch of emails trying to nail down a time and date.

After getting the great long runaround, she finally said she wouldn’t have time for an interview with me. She was so busy.

I guess my loss is literature’s gain.

The Chicago Jewish News reports:

Her children, five boys and three girls ranging in age from 21 down to eight, with one set of twins, all live at home; four are currently in college. “They’re all different, they’re all good at different things,” Goldbloom says of her brood.

As for herself, she’s a self-described “queer frum (Orthodox) Jew.” (Elsewhere she has described herself as “a queer Lubavitcher Chasid.”) “I go to a Lubavitcher synagogue, I practice the way Lubavitchers practice, I keep kosher to the standards of Lubavitchers, keep Shabbos the way Lubavitchers keep Shabbos. I feel connected to the Lubavitcher community and very strongly connected to the Lubavitcher Rebbe, his writings and letters. I take an active part in (the children’s) school life, in synagogue life,” she says.

She adds, “I’m very supportive of queer frum people everywhere, and the idea that queer frum people are part of the frum community, and that’s sort of a new idea for some people.”

The reaction of the Lubavitch community to her and to the book is mixed, she says.

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