A Rabbi For Pat Buchanan

Nachum Shifren has written a couple of compelling books, The Surfing Rabbi and Kill Your Teacher.

He writes:

As you know from reading my horrific expose of racism and corruption in L.A public schools, I was forcibly removed after 18 years of service as an educator to our children.

The reason was simple: In the face of unbearable hostility and confrontation, I insisted on academic standards and minimum levels of conduct.

The raging fire of "multi-culturalism" threatens to decimate the values we Americans hold dear.

The time to act is now!

I am taking my book, "Kill Your Teacher" (KillYourTeacher.com) on a nation-wide tour, letting Americans know the penalty for silence and indifference toward the young citizens of our country.

Because of my activism, I’ve been put on an administrative "black list" in school districts. I am more than willing to pay this price if it means exposing the malevolent, un-American "leaders" who seek to bring about their one-world-order as they rip from us every last vestige of freedom and morality.

I therefore turn to you in asking that I may use your home/business as a venue where I can address concerned citizens. At that opportunity, I will be signing copies of my new book.

An educational organization has been kind enough to let me use their tax-exempt status to enlist support as I cross this great land.

As always, I will donate a tithe to a charitable cause that you designate.

G-d bless you for all your work on behalf of our country.

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