Valley Village Orthodox Jew & Former Boeing Scientist Abraham Lesnik Charged With Not Securing Military Secrets




In Los Angeles federal court yesterday, Abraham Lesnik, a former Boeing defense scientist was charged with improperly retaining sensitive security information by Federal prosecutors.

His attorney Marc Harris accompanied Lesnik who was present for his arraignment.  He was given a trial date of August 12th and processed by US Marshals at the courthouse.’s “The Blotter” first reported the federal investigation of Lesnik.
”The Enterprise Report” has also covered the case extensively.


Mr. Lesnik sat quietly in a Los Angeles federal courtroom yesterday as a parade of other cases went before a federal judge.  When asked by this reporter if he was "Abraham", he politely responded, "what is your interest" with an undetermined accent.  When he was told, "I am a reporter" he refused to continue the conversation and turned away.

Lesnik has been the subject of around the clock FBI surveillance at his suburban Los Angeles home for more than a year and a half. 


When Lesnik later left the federal courthouse, after a few hours, he again refused to comment. He tried his best to avoid this reporter and a cameraman who attempted to ask him questions about his case.

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