What Did We Do To Provoke 9/11?

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager responded: “What did the 75 million Chinese slaughtered by Mao’s communist party do to provoke it? What did the Jews do to provoke the Nazis? What did blacks do to provoke slavery? What did Ukrainian peasants do to provoke Stalin? It’s a left-wing question. What did we do to have innocent people incinerated? What could we have done?

“There are troops on Saudi soil? There are troops on German soil and Korean soil.”

“The bad hate the decent. That’s the record of humanity since Cain hated Abel’s sacrifice.”

“There is something perverse about your sense of justice to not celebrate the death of a monster. There’s something missing in you. You have extirpated from your soul the most natural inclination towards the greatest evildoers.”

“I love High Noon and The Magnificent Seven. I love movies of moral clarity and I love that the bad guys are shot.”

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