Cathy Seipp’s Daughter Maia In Montenegro

 CecileMLDubois guess where i am
Luzdedos1:  hi
Luzdedos1:  israel?
CecileMLDubois:  no
CecileMLDubois:  montenegro
CecileMLDubois:  next week im living w gypsies and then going to kosovo
Luzdedos1:  yay
CecileMLDubois:  its 11pm here
CecileMLDubois:  why are you still at home at 2pm
Luzdedos1:  i blog
CecileMLDubois:  ah
CecileMLDubois:  my bunk mate is sleeping
CecileMLDubois:  podgorica is so weird its kinda….commie meets capitalism
Luzdedos1:  how you been?
CecileMLDubois:  good
CecileMLDubois:  i want to stay extra time to see sarajevo bosnia
CecileMLDubois:  but you know my grandpa..hes stubborn
CecileMLDubois:  he thinks ill run off w some muslim
CecileMLDubois:  even if i do…i at least want some more freedom
CecileMLDubois:  my friends are going on their own after the program to meet their albanian fathers or hungarian boyfriends
CecileMLDubois:  i just want to meet sarajevo
CecileMLDubois:  and look at uber liberal ngos
CecileMLDubois:  have you heard of imanuel bauerstein
Luzdedos1:  no
CecileMLDubois:  its so pc here
CecileMLDubois:  oh you’d love him

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