Joe emails: They should rename Pakistan. What a joke. This was an overkill operation given that Osama was in “friendly” hands. If the pakis would have helped or would even have kept their filthy mouths shut, the operation would have gone something like this:

At dawn, pakistani utility worker uniformed/attired us special forces would have appeared with large chemical container trucks, around 1km from osama’s home. There would have been the sound of drilling and lots of pipes in the ground and coming out feeding into the truck. They would be noisy, lots of yelling. All of a sudden, with the special forces taking cover from a short distance, there would have been a very noisy and smelly explosion of the truck, with lots of weird colored smoke coming out and flames everywhere. Maybe even a few flaming mannequin corpses. Shortly thereafter, pakistani marked police cars would have come out with loudspeakers telling people to evacuate the area, the smell would have been overpowering, kind of like tear gas or skunk odor, and anyone with even a half brain would have gotten out of their houses to be evacuated as lots of blaring sirens came in with fire trucks to put out the fire.

Either Osama would have evacuated with the rest of the area, or if he did not, then you would have a team placed there to get him from his compound. Although all of the “actors” in this theater could have been US troops, this would have required at least cooperation with the pakis. If this happened without the Pakistanis in on it, someone would have called the real authorities and skunked the deal. Even if you could only count on tacit support, and the pakis acting stupid, you could have done it without helicopters – you could have gotten Osama as he walked on to a police van to get people the hell out of there.

Obviously, Obama feared the loss of operational security if the pakis were involved at all, and the raid went off like Entebbe with the assumption that the locals would be unfriendly if any attempt was made to secure Osama. The proof of this is that Osama lived in a house that was not wired with explosives at all – Luke Ford has more security in his hovel. And why was he so unprotected living in penthouse arrest? Because he knew that the pakis would never turn him in – he had bankrolled them with bribes and was volunteering his cannon fodder to fight any indian/hindu influences in Afghanistan or in disputed territories.

The bottom line is that the Pakistanis are dangerous to the US. Of course, they hold one card in a very dangerous game of poker, namely, a nuclear arsenal. At some point, one has to wonder why the same Seal team has not been deployed to take away those weapons so that we can clear out any remaining 3 story building in Pakistan where the rest of al Qaeda and mullah omar is hiding.

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