Change Your Place, Change Your Luck

At the end of Mattie’s call Friday, Dennis Prager says: “You are a very articulate young woman. I’d like to stay in touch with you.

“Let’s go to Jeff in Los Angeles.”

Jeff: “A teenage sister just broke up with a boyfriend who I understand wasn’t too good for her. She’s been in this muck for a month and she can’t get over it. She’s miserable without him even though she knows he’s not good for her. I’ve been trying to approach this with her from a rational perspective, telling her she has to want to get out of this muck. Do you have any advice?”

Dennis: “Take her away for a week or two. It’s mind clearing to leave one’s normal surrounding. Just talking on the rational level won’t do it.”

“I have found in my life it is emotion and mind-clearing to leave where I am if I can. If I can take a vacation or even work from a different place. Leaving the physical environ is a powerful change in one’s life. I’ve been told by 12 Step people that if you are addicted to something, changing your physical environment is hugely helpful and returning to your exact environment where you exercised your addiction is the worst thing you can do.”

“The physical is very important. We are not only spiritual or mental beings. The physical plays a big role in how we behave.”

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