He Doesn’t Even Like Black Girls

A lot of successful Jews say they don’t like Jewish girls and a lot of successful blacks say they don’t like black girls.

Both groups have about half of their members mating out.

The following case reminds me of the Kobe Bryant rape case.

Professional athletes are so used to adulation and women throwing themselves at them that they easily become a little too familiar.

As a blogger, I have similar troubles. Women are constantly throwing themselves at me. Luckily, I have a God-given universal moral code to live up to and that prohibits me from swiping my credit cards in waitresses’ cleavage.

According to the Big Lead: “The waitress claims Haynesworth tried to swipe his credit card in her cleavage, then copped a feel.”

This is no way for a person to try to process a credit card. It will only lead to unhappiness.

News report:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Redskins defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth allegedly slid his credit card into the bra of a waitress and then touched her breast, according to court papers filed Wednesday offering Haynesworth a plea deal in the sexual abuse case.

The eight-page document stated that Haynesworth was attending a birthday party the night of Feb. 12-13 and was ready to pay the bill of more than $800 when his waitress was called over with her hands full of dishes.
Insisting he wanted to pay immediately and before she could drop off the dishes, Haynesworth tapped the woman on her arm and shoulder with his card, according to the court papers. The waitress “looked up and down at herself, as if wondering where (Haynesworth) expected her to put (the card),” when he slid the card down the center of her bra and began touching her breast, the documents allege. He said something to the effect of “Can I do that?,” the documents state.
One witness who saw the exchange believed that the waitress had agreed to let Haynesworth place the card in her bra, but reported that her tone turned stern and she asked him to remove his hand after he touched her, according to the documents. The card was ultimately declined, and another waitress took it back to Haynesworth, prosecutors say in the document.
After the waitress told other employees what had happened, a security person at the hotel approached Haynesworth and asked him whether he remembered having any contact with the woman.
“I didn’t touch her,” Haynesworth responded, according to the document, adding that he doesn’t “even like black girls.”
When police detectives later tried to interview Haynesworth, he spontaneously told them, according to court papers: “I know what this is about, she is just upset I have a white girlfriend. I couldn’t tell you the last time I dated a black girl. She was trying to get with me.”

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