Frozen River

Normally I’m not interested in movies about fat people nor old people nor ugly people nor poor people nor losers in general. Video

I want to think about winners. I want to look at people like me and imagine they are me and that is me up on the big screen struggling heroically to achieve something grand and someone hot.

I realize this might strike you as shallow.

So be it.

Anyway, this movie starts with an old woman in her bra and panties.

Now I enjoy filth as much as the next guy, but this scene did nothing for me.

I was quite ready to tune out of the whole flick but there was something about it that struck me as honest.

This is an honest portrayal of poor people trying to make do the best they can on the border between Canada and the United States. They’re lured by the money to get into smuggling, which makes for an exciting movie. If they’d just kept working at minimum wage conventional jobs, I’d have fallen asleep.

This is a beautiful movie. Each scene leads into the next and yet constantly surprises.

At the end, all the lose ends are tied up.

I don’t want to sound like a shill for Sony Classics, but since they’ve been inviting me to their movies, I’ve liked most of them.

And they’re free to me!

Bizlift writes on

 Frozen River is not a glamorous Hollywood film. It’s a bleak indie film about struggling to survive.

I found it well written with strong performances by Melissa Leo & Charlie McDermott.

The movie was very moody with some intense scenes and generated a strong emotional response for me. The setting and simple production worked very well with the atmosphere of the story.

And, not to give away anything…the ending is "satisfying" without tying up things impossibly neat or without being too predictable.

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