The Wackness Is Dope


I catch this advanced screening Wednesday night.

It gives me insights into goyim and black people in New York in 1994.

Kurt Cobain has just died. Rudolph Giuliani is cleaning up the city.

The protagonist is named Luke Shapiro. What kind of name is that? The Talmud says "Luke" is among the most goyish names imaginable. Anyone named Luke must be bad for the Jews.

This Luke kid is. He’s a pot dealer. And he listens to cassette tapes of black music which he calls rap.

He talks about Boys to Men.

He wants to have sex with girls.

His married shrink wants to have sex with girls.

They bond.

They go out on the town and try to have sex with girls.

It’s pathetically funny.

Luke meets up with his shrink’s step-daughter who’s way out of his league.

There’s a lot of pot smoking in this movie and a lot of sex and tons of drinking, which usually leads to sex, and then black music, which usually leads to more sex.

The sex in this movie is not the type the Torah prescribes. This is not sanctified love making. This is brutal and awkward and lustful. They don’t make any benedictions before hopping into each other. I found it disturbing, so disturbing I could barely stand to look, I only looked because I knew there was something funny coming along to ease my tension.

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