Black – Jewish Tensions Running High In Lakewood, New Jersey

This is the natural order of things.

The black and Jewish communities have little in common, despite all the rhetoric to the opposite.

Jews who are immersed in Judaism have little interest in reaching out to blacks while almost all the Jews heavily involved in reaching out to blacks have next to nothing to do with Judaism.

Here’s the news from Lakewood:

LAKEWOOD: A 38-year-old man visiting from Israel was assaulted and was robbed of cash and a laptop computer early Sunday morning by an assailant wielding a baseball bat, police said.

According to Sgt. Louis Sasso, David Ovish, 38, of Israel, was sitting in his car while it was parked at a Welsh Farms store shortly after midnight when an assailant smashed the window of his car with a baseball bat. Ovish was struck with the bat, and the robber took about $100 and his laptop.

Police could not give a description of the assailant Sunday. They do not believe the crime was motivated by hate. The assailant was not found following a search Sunday.

Ovish called for an ambulance after arriving where he was staying, and he was taken to Jersey Shore University Medical Center, Neptune, for treatment, police said.

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