Tropper lauds himself, again

Simshalom emails: “On his new nutty blog, Tropper “praises” himself and his new “sefer” — read his post for yourself and think how he could have written and made up whatever he wanted in this new-fangled “shaylos and teshuvos” based on scripts only he had access to. He even claims it’s a “best seller” — Tricky Tropper can’t overcome himself. Thus spake Tropper.

“The guy has no shame. It’s Tropper’s horrid lack of syntax and disregard of spelling (at least he could’ve use “spell-check” — but Tropper posts from his BlackBerry while on the run.) He is still running in the race to become a bona fide “gadol” but he doesn’t get that he is in the dog-house with the fleas all over him!”

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