LAT: ‘Mob inflamed by Koran burning kills 8 at U.N. compound’

I opened up the this afternoon and my eye drifted to the upper left where the most important story of the day is typically profiled.

Here’s the headline: ‘Afghans Angry Over Florida Koran Burning Kill U.N. Staff’

I had to read it a couple of times to understand the story — which was that an Afghan mob overran a UN building and murdered everyone (or almost everyone) inside.

Why does the New York Times put what the Muslim mob is angry about before the news of the murders? Because the mainstream media is so eager to justify and play down Islamic criminal violence.

Why does what the Muslim mob is angry about deserve to go in front of the information about its murderous rampage?

The Los Angeles Times does the same thing.

The MSM are cowards about reporting on those Muslims who are murderers. They think if they kowtow to radicals that Muslim terrorists will be less likely to murder them.

It makes me sick that American boys are dying in Afghanistan for such murderers.

The New York Times reports:

Afghanistan, deeply religious and reflexively volatile, has long been one of the most reactive flashpoints to perceived insults against Islam. When a Danish cartoonist lampooned the Prophet Mohammed, four people were killed in riots in Afghanistan within days in 2006. The year before, a one-paragraph item in Newsweek alleging that guards in Guantánamo had flushed a Koran down the toilet sparked three days of riots that cost 14 lives in Afghanistan.

Friday’s incident began when three mullahs, addressing worshipers at Friday prayers inside the Blue Mosque here, one of Afghanistan’s holiest places, urged people to take to the streets to agitate for the arrest of Terry Jones, the Florida pastor who oversaw the burning of a Koran on March 20. Otherwise, said the most prominent of them, Mullah Mohammed Shah Adeli, Afghanistan should cut off relations with the United States. “Burning the Koran is an insult to Islam and those who committed it should be punished,” he said.

A crowd of Afghans — some carrying signs reading “Down with America” and “Death to Obama” — poured into the streets and swelled — the governor of Balkh Province, Atta Mohammad Noor, later put the number at 20,000. According to Lal Mohammad Ahmadzai, spokesman for Gen. Mohammad Daoud Daoud, the Afghan National Police commander for northern Afghanistan, the crowd soon overwhelmed the United Nations guards, disarming some and beating and shooting others.

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