The Green Revolution

There is a revolution afoot — a green revolution! The rise of environmentally conscious companies – and by environmentally conscious, I don’t mean a few advertising gimmicks and a memorable slogan that misleads people, but an organization dedicated to improving the way we use natural resources – is at the center of responsible corporate citizenship. Enter Spruce Industries (, a New Jersey-based company that is an innovator in the use of cleaning supplies. I have written previously about Spruce’s long-standing commitment to a green workplace; and want to more extensively showcase their progressive approach toward business success and environmental leadership. Let me start by applauding Spruce for their common sense: the company’s executives know that no matter how "green" a building is – no matter the number of accolades a building wins for saving energy or using recycled materials – all is for naught, unless you regularly clean that space with non-hazardous materials. Hence the popularity behind Spruce: all of its cleaning supplies – and there are many from which to choose – are safe, environmentally sound and effective. Incredibly effective. Consider some of Spruce’s clients: Gucci, Union County (NJ) Community College and Staten Island University Hospital. These clients are major influencers within their respective communities; and their selection of Spruce is a major form of validation, that a good building is a clean building. Take a moment to visit Spuce’s website, and learn more about this exciting business. The power of green equals green, or doing good enables you to do well.

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