Do The Republicans Even Want It?

Joe emails: Obama is now behind the “generic” GOP candidate in polling. Problem is that the Republican party is in such disarray after George W. Bush’s screwing of the pooch (there is no other way to portray what happened, it is the only way the American voter let Obama anywhere near national power), there is almost no “generic” republican candidate. The ones who want the presidency all have deep flaws that make them undesirable:

Romney – a Mormon
Palin – a Moron
Huckabee – a Chrstian
Gingrich – a Joke.

So Obama wins in 2012.

But now, as a republican, say this “CHRISTIE – RUBIO 2012” – that is more than a generic candidacy. That is a 40 state winner. It gives the dems and enormous electoral headache by taking the entire south and new jersey off the table.

I can only think that no one wants to oval office given the chance of a US default on its debt or other worse scenarios.

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