Do Good People Want More Power?

On his radio show Friday, Dennis Prager said: “The bad want much more power than the good. Good people want to do good and to be left alone. Bad people want power. People who live for power are probably not on the good side of the human ledger.

“Can you think of people who want more and more power who are good? Obviously a Winston Churchill needed power because there was a war but his aim was to defeat the Nazis. It wasn’t to have great power over fellow Britains.

“Groups who want more and more power are not usually groups I’d want to support. Take Wisconsin. You have one side (Republicans) who want less power and one side wants more and more power. There is no end to the amount of the expansion of the government for the left. The right wants to have less power over people. The left wants more power over people.”

“There is one deep parallel between the Islamic outlook and the leftist outlook — they both want control over other people’s lives. The one alternative to that is the small government idea of the American value system. I don’t know if America will win. Most Americans don’t realize that that’s what the battle is about.”

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